Selling your home can be an exciting, yet also an extremely busy time. With a lengthily to do list, which includes prepping your home for potential buyer traffic, it is definitely a good idea to know a few tricks that can help you sell your home. In fact, there are some rather simple tasks that you can preform to make this part of the selling process a whole lot easier.

Here are 4 simple things you can do to help sell your home.

1) Remove Clutter

Not only does clutter make a home feel closed in, but a home buyer can also be negatively impacted by this. When trying to sell your home, you want to make sure you remove all the clutter from the shelves, tables, as well as other surfaces. This can also include having too much furniture.

Even if these items serve functional purposes for you when you are home, it is still best to put them out of sight. Since clutter can make your home look messy and disorderly, as well as feel smaller it can also be in your best interests to get rid of items altogether. Ultimately however, less clutter can make each room seem larger and open and in turn, this can help you with the sale of your home.

2) Take Away Personal Items

In addition to removing clutter, it is also a good idea to take away or hide as many of your personal items as possible. These items can include family photos and personal heirlooms. This allows potential home owners the opportunity to more easily envision what their own personal items might look like in the home, instead of only seeing yours.

It is also best to relocate items such as bathroom products, clothing and documents. Each and every one of these items are better to be hidden or secured in drawers or cupboards so that the home looks tidy and neat, as well as de-personalized. In the end, homebuyers want to be able to envision their own items as well as view the home almost as if it is a new canvas ready and waiting for them to add their own personal touches.

3) Keep Toilet Seats Down

Perhaps one of the more obvious, yet also the easiest of tasks you can do in order to make your home seem more appealing to potential buyers is to make sure all of the toilet seats are down before you show the house. Not only do you want to ensure the toilet bowl as well as the outer parts of your toilets are clean, it is also ideal to keep the seats and lids of the toilet down as this helps to make the bathroom seem more clean and tidying overall.

If home buyers do want to flip up the lid and see the inner condition of the toilet bowl that is fine, however having the toilet completely closed during viewings is recommended as the bathroom itself will seem more put together.

4) Clear the Backyard and Pathways

Last but not least, you also want to pay attention to the outside of the home and surrounding property when preparing for a showing. More specifically, the backyard and any pathways or walkways beside or around the home.

Clearing the yard of any clutter or items that may make the property seem messy or junky is also a good plan. If it is in the fall, spring or summer months that you are selling, making sure the grass is cut and the trees, bushes, and flower beds are not overgrown will also help give your home an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Again, not only will these areas around your home look nice and tidy, but home buyers can see the potential, not just on the inside of the home, but also on the outside.

When all is said and done, you have the ability to improve your chances of selling your home. By taking a few simple steps, you can help prospective home buyers to see all of the wonderful attributes that your home has to offer.