As a potential home buyer, it is important to be aware of all things related to the Canadian housing market. Where are prices headed in 2024? What will you be able to afford? While these are certainly key questions in your search for a new home, another area of interest this year is also where Canadian Real Estate Marking Trends are headed in 2024.

At this time, you might be wondering why this is useful information for you, after all, you’re not a realtor?

Well, the answer to this really has to do with the fact that these marketing trends can provide you with certain benefits that will help you move closer to finding the right home for you.

The following trends specifically pertain to the current direction of real estate marketing in a large part has to do with the online nature of real estate sales.

The Use of Social Media

Since social media, for example is being used more and more to enable further exposure of home listings, it makes sense that more platforms and apps are also coming into play.

These days, many potential home buyers will be exposed to a larger variety of listings via platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Since mobile devices are readily available, this makes social media sites ‘hot spots’ and a growing trend for the real estate market.

Video Tours

While online video tours are certainly nothing new, they are however, becoming more readily utilized for a wider range of listings. Before, it was typical that higher price homes that were listed were the only ones that offered a virtual tour or video tour of their interiors. It is now however, more common practice for real estate companies to use these tools in their online listing for homes of all prices.

Tying in the social media angle here again as well, video tours seem to attract more traffic – and of those with video tours, and since a higher percentage of home owners tend to be more drawn to these listings – this will also continue to be a trend that will see an upward momentum in 2024

Higher Level of Authenticity

One other reality that video tours, in particular can lead to is a higher level of authenticity. Here authenticity refers to the transparency and degree at which the real estate marketing more accurately reflects the actual nature of the home’s interior and exterior.

While in the past, some visual aspects of listing may not correctly match the property or home, now the video tour aspects does tend to present a more authentic representation to potential home buyers. Home buyers certainly will appreciate this growing status quo as it will help them to become more efficient ‘house-hunters’.

Online Bots – Live Chat Software Services

Another online marketing trend that is also gaining more ground is the use of live chat software services. With the use of online bots, more specifically, real estate companies can provide virtually immediate customer services to their clients.

Not only can these services respond to questions and inquiries in a more prompt and convenient manner, they can also attract more clients by reaching a much wider scope, while offering more customer service efficiency.

When it comes right down to it, real estate agents can use these online services to capture a broader range of potential home owners, through a more accessible and user-ready approach.

For these potential home owners, not only will they be able to access more listings from any device and across a variety of platforms, they will also be able to review potential homes in a more authentic light.

Ultimately, these online Canadian marketing trends can provide a great benefit to you as a future home owner. As I help individuals buy and sell homes, I’ll continue to look to integrate new methods that I feel will offer home buyers and sellers value. As you move closer to finding your dream home this year, you can enlist the help of these online services to customize and fine-tune your overall real estate experience.