One of the most important things to remember when you are selling your property is to try to remove any emotions that may be connected to it (our children grew up here, my daughter was married here etc)

Easy to say but not so easy to do, but remember you sell a house and buy a home

So, if you are selling your property it is important that it is “best in class” Remembering that you only get one chance to make a first impression, here are some selling tips that should make your property more saleable.

  • if possible cut the grass and water plants just before a viewing make sure the driveway and pathway to your front door are free of obstacles and neat and tidy
  • ensure that the front door key and handle operate properly and easily
  • switch on as many lights as possible in the house, make sure all windows are clean, open all blinds completely and closet doors just a little way
  • leave your radio tuned to an “elevator music” station and set it up as background music
    vacuum carpets, dust furniture and put away all newspapers, books and clothing
    remove all family pets and/or evidence of them from the property
  • make sure all toilet seats are down, all sinks are clean and there are no leaks from water faucets. Make sure all toilets and water faucets work properly
  • remove as many items from all horizontal countertops in bathrooms and kitchen as possible
    keep bowls of pot-pourri in various rooms and add a few drops of water to them prior to a viewing
  • if possible drop a few drops of vanilla extract onto the range hotplates when they are hot
  • do not cook any strong smelling foods (other than an apple pie or bread) prior to the viewing
  • If you do have to cook, do not try to cover up the smells with an air freshener spray
    ensure that the inside of the oven and dishwasher are clean
  • if you are selling your house in the summer, remove all winter clothing, skis etc and store them somewhere else (you will have to pack them up sometime might as well do it now)
    consider renting a storage locker for all those large personal items you have not used in a while.
  • make sure that the back of all clothes closets can be seen in order to create the impression of more space-

But perhaps the most important thing to do when you have a viewing on your property is, if at all possible, “GO FOR A WALK”, (if you have dogs or children, take them with you) as it can be difficult for you and the Buyers if you are around when they are viewing your property.